Habitat Island: A Narrative

 Seven years ago, Habitat Island was part of a development plan headed by Millennium Development

Group of the southeast of False Creek. Originally it was just another part of False Creek, but

eventually it became a little sanctuary to the community. The only reason why it's there today is 

because of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and their regulation that causes the 

development of that shoreline to be made up for somewhere else. The solution, to replace the filled in

 portion of the creek was to build an island. The island now serves as a public park and as it is 

connected to a wetland it purifies the water from the storm drains before it enters False Creek. 

Thanks to the shoreline restoration it allowed herring to return to False Creek to spawn as well as 

allowing grey whales to return. If it weren't for the DFO regulation the island would not have been

 built.Thankfully the island has become a wild haven for the community and wildlife and is enjoyed 

by many in and around the city.